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Tomorrow is the actual Roomba race

On thursday at 13 pm (helsinki time), the annual (this is the first year) Roomba artificial intelligence robot race will be held at the department of computer science at the univerity of helsinki.

You can follow it on the net

Although, i must add that when we tried to fix a couple of bugs this morning (our last chance to make changes) we just messed it up more. So i just changed it back to yesterdays settings (thank God for version control), and made a couple of changes “in blind” because we can’t test it. So tomorrow will either be a complete success or failure for us. So if you want to see a humiliated, or happy Toffe tomorrow, check it out.


Robot race school project

Hi. I’m taking an Artificial Intelligence course this fall. It was in that cource we made the eliza homework among others.

But the really cool thing with this course is that we are going to have a robot competition. The “robots” are Roomba vacuum cleaners equipped with a camera-cellphone.

RoombaNokia N80

Today at 4 pm (helsinki time) are the time trials held. Where each team’s roomba shall navigate on a track on time. (When we tested our roomba this morning, it got as far as through the second gate, sometimes it has performed better, and sometimes worse). But today are only the qualyfiers and you just have to pass the startingline in order to qualify for the actual race. We are group nr 10.

Roomba race track

The reace will be held on the same track with roombas competing against each other 2 on 2. It will be held on thursday at 2 pm.

You can follow the competition and timetrials from here
The races will be filmed and streamed, and the images what roomba sees will also be shown. So follow the link i gave you, there are instructions how to view it at the top of the page.