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Connection upgrade

before (1024/512 kbps)

after (Full-Rate 8, up to 8Mb/800 kbps, minimum 2048/512 kbps)

The tests were conducted over a wireless network at home on a MacBook.


A Parrallel univserse

Parallel universes
I remember on 7:th grade when ajax was only a washing powder, 64Mb of RAM was extreme and you had to remember what sound card you had when you installed games. I was browsing the internet with some version of Netscape Navigator in school, looking for simpson wav files to set as windows sounds. Then i came to a page that had the subdomain www2 instead of www. I remembered i asked my teacher about the www2, (it was on computer class) and he said that we should stay on the internet and not go on astray to any other stuff. That felt spooky, i remembered that it felt like surfing on the internet in a parallel universe, it felt like the whole internet was made up of infinite parallel universes www, www2, www3 … wwwn where n->infinity. Of course, www is just a subdomain to, it can just as easily be or,, and you can have subdomains to subdomains to subdomains, just look at the server or, or

I’m on the web

I tried to search for ‘toffe’ using googles image search. It actually showed a picture on me on the first page that I have neither taken nor uploaded to the net. That is kind of fun. It is from Mikael Andersson’s school hosted web page.

toffe på Google/images