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Thank you for visiting

Yey. Two days ago this page had most visitors/views up until that day, that was 27 views. Today (or yesterday, depending how you look at it) it was 70.

So thank you for visiting, I hope that you will enjoy what you read. Feel free to comment the posts if you wish.

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Still about the picture

As I told you, the banner picture is from a shed from my grand-dads place. He is dead by now and my uncle is living there, and it was probably my granddad’s ancestors that built the house in the first place. Anyway, my dad told me that it actually is a kind of a barn that they used to dry grain in. The tool on the wall is a fire “kex” that they had hanging on the wall on most houses in case of the house started to burn. They then used the tool to pull burning timber out of the building to prevent the house from burning up.

What’s with the picture?

As you may have noticed, I have just set up this blog.
I was just trying around to see what picture I should have as a header for this page. I went through my gallery, and could not find the thing that I normally look for. Like some nice landscape or such. Since i had to backup my pictures, and store all images (except those taken this year … since I almost ran out of disc space) on an external hard drive, I did not have that many pictures to choose from. But then i found this picture (on the banner) of an old shed (from my grandfather’s place) and took a small portion of it… So there you have it.
And no, the top edge of the picture is not “sned”. It is perfectly horizontal, You just have to go and have your eyes checked.

So long for this time

Hello world!

Well, then. I have joined those who write stuff on the world wide web.
I feel the air rushing through my hair, as i write without knowing what or why.
But it is ok. Writing is good excercise for your fingers.