Humming Asus LCD Display

I recently got an Asus VE276 LCD Display. It looks nice in the shop and is quite wide although i am not as satisfied with it as the previous DELL display (that had better pixel density and also a USB hub and in general it felt that the DELL had lot higher quality standard). I am not either fully satisfied with the colors either, and the “unsharpness” that it has. You can’t really compare the two displays in the same class. But this post is not about comparing DELL vs. Asus but about the humming sound this display has.

Anyway, i have noticed that it hums for instance when i transition from a dask screen to a white screen (it is noticeable when you are using exposé on a mac when i have it connected to my MacBook Pro).
It is not a very high sound, but it is noticeable.

The other day i got disturbed by the humming because i thought it had increased, and it was constant. I noticed however that this sound came from a different source. It came from the built in speakers and got silent when i turned the speakers to mute via the screen’s menu. It also stopped when i unplugged the audio cable that it connects with.

So.. if you hear a loud humming from your screen, if it has one, try to unplug both ends of the audio cable and see if stops.

Just wanted to give heads up if anyone encountered the same thing.
(If you have any tips on getting rid of the faint humming when you view a bright/white screen, please let me know in the comments.)

Have a nice day.

p.s i don’t remember the model of the dell display but i will add it in a comment when i find out, although, it had also some problems, it started as one vertical line across the screen that was visible a while after you started it. Later it got thicker and is about three pixels wide in one single color.


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