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XKCD on Perl, Python and Regular expressions






Regular Expressions

p.s if you go the xkcd and hover over the comic strips, you get even more fun.


Tahko MTB 2008

I participated in the Tahko mountainbike marathon this summer for the first time. I was in the 60 km race (there are also 25, 40, 120 and 180 km alternatives as well).
For the 60 km, there were three starts, at 9:00 the “hot group” started, at 9:30 those that aimed for a time under 5 hours started, and lastly at 10:00, those who aimed for a time over 5 hours started. I started in the middle of the last group. There were 860 participants in the 60 km for men, I came at 550 place, with a time of 5hours 10 minutes and 8 seconds ūüôā
I am fairly pleased with the result. There were a lot of bikers on the track, so i might have gotten a better time if i had started in the middle group, but then it would have been psychologically worse since people would have passed me, instead of me passing them. I went for the fun of biking, and had no particular goal besides finishing. I really enjoyed it. My recently purchased hydrapak drinking bag came in handy, since both hands were needed while biking. And i had filled it with sports dring, which provided me with an even blood sugar level, and water to prevent me from cramping.

Here is a clip form the race.

My brother participated in the 120 km race.
100% of the members of our mountainbiking club 4seasonMTB participated.

Next year i’ll maybe participate in the 120 km race… if i have practised enough.
An interresting detail that can be found from the results is that the winner of the 180 km (three laps of the 60 km track) had 15 min better time when he had finished 2 laps (120 km) than the winner of 120 km. That is something…

A milestone in my life…

An era hs passed in my life. I have finished school. Yesterday I handed in the application for my Masters degree, which they will mail to me when it is ready. The official date of my graduation from the University of Helsinki / Department of computer science (Where, btw, Linus Torvalds also went) will be 31.07.2008. But all is done and finished.

If you want to read my thesis, you can find it here:
Christoffer Bj√∂rkskog: “Visualizing social network activity on mobile browsers.” June 2008.

I am currently working for HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology) as a research assistant for the UIx (Ubiquitous Interaction) research group. We will have our third child in the end of August/beginning of September. We will move to Skutnabba/Pedersöre in the end of July, from where i will work remotely for HIIT at least until end of September