3D desktop – BumpTop

This is quite interrestion. A new way of using the desktop.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, that’s some interesting software! I like the way you can resize and stack away you application windows. “Throwing stuff around” and being able to just “push it out of the way” (and watch the litte files bounce and stack) looks like fun, and it could maybe even be convenient. It would be nice to get to try it out yourself, and see what it’s like in day-to-day use.

    I’m still not shure whether it’s actually a good idea to take the desktop-analogy too far though. At least not after taking a look at my desk back home… (Someone should implement a Google Physical Desktop Search.)


  2. Still, my favourite way to look at files in Finder is still the List view… Och samma på Windows.


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