Tomorrow is the actual Roomba race

On thursday at 13 pm (helsinki time), the annual (this is the first year) Roomba artificial intelligence robot race will be held at the department of computer science at the univerity of helsinki.

You can follow it on the net

Although, i must add that when we tried to fix a couple of bugs this morning (our last chance to make changes) we just messed it up more. So i just changed it back to yesterdays settings (thank God for version control), and made a couple of changes “in blind” because we can’t test it. So tomorrow will either be a complete success or failure for us. So if you want to see a humiliated, or happy Toffe tomorrow, check it out.

3 responses to this post.

  1. We came second.


  2. I am very satisfied that we got second in the race. Although, in my opinion, most of the roombas performed worse than i had expected, including ours. It might have had something to do with the ligthing in the room. Because atleas our roobma did not geat good pictures, dark ones mostly that mislead it. But we were also very lucky to go this far. I did not expect it. Also the starting positions were to our favor, there were those that in my opinion were better than ours. for instance those that came third would have won us in the semifinals if we were against them. But the timetrials last tuesday determined the starting positions.
    Anyway. Jeee!!


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