What has become of the world

maxtor 250 Gb IDE HdRemember the days when you had a 400 Mb hard drive and THAT was much. Today I went to verkkokauppa.com to look for a new harddrive to replace one that had crashed in a couple-of-year-old computer. Well the smallest IDE (and the only) model that were in the shelf was a 320Gb hard drive fro 99,90€. I had to ask for a smaller one (since that much space is not required on that computer) and the smallest one they had was a 250Gb for 77,90€ which i bouhght. But man, the smallest is 250 Gb. I remembered when i bought my first external hard drive that was that big. And it felt like that that would never become full. Well it all depends on what you store on them I guess.
Well IDE has become outdated, and why buy small when you can buy big right. Sounds like a line from Super Size Me (Which i haven’t seen). I guess that if you want a smaller Hd you have to dig one out from an old computer … And it’s probably cheaper that way.

I remembery when we bought a 486 with 16 Mb RAM and 400 Mb Hd. And i was amazed when we later upgraded to Windows 95 and on the installation disk there was a music video by wheezer (Buddy holy).. Imagine, a movie on a computer. I showed it to everyone, and they too were amazed.

That was something then. Do you remember some specs of some old computer you were impressed by “back in the days”

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  1. p.s it was not for myself I bought the hard drive. I was on an errand.


  2. Don’t remember the specs, but an old Amiga that we played Giana Sisters on when I was about 10 years… And that’s like 15 years ago. It was amazing!!


  3. Yeah. We had a Commodore 64 that we played on, and it’s games were stored on cassettes. But my cousins had a disc drive for their amiga, and that really impressed me then.


  4. We bought a 66 Mhz 486DX2 with 8 MB of RAM and a 210 MB hard drive in 1994 – with a CD-ROM drive! It was the first computer in our house, and those specs told me nothing back then. (My previous computing experience was mostly from playing games at a friends place.) But it was a landmark that quickly launced me into new unexpored realms of computer technology. I remember drooling over the unbelievable specs of a 200 MHz Pentium advertised by PC Super Store in Pelit magazine early 1995. And there were actually hard drives with a capacity of one-thousand-megabytes!

    Our 210 MB drive was actually rather small even for that time (and we really should have gone straight for the new “pentium”-thing), and I remember not being able to have both Red Alert and US Navy Fighters installed at the same time..

    This particular computer was actually in frequent use all the way until about 2001. It was due to the frequent battles, fought between me and the Hedengren brothers througout our high-school years, in the phenomenal 2-player action game “Liero“.


  5. I remember when my big brother helped me getting a game for our Commodore 64, he had borrowed the cassette from someone and we copied on a double-decked cassette recorder. That was kind of a meaningfule experience for me.
    Also (this was before my time, but a friend told me) there was a radio show called something, i don’t remember but listeners could “submit” their own programmed Commodore 64 programs, which would be “aired” (qwzxzqwytyrxzcqww!!) and then people could “record” the show/program on a cassette and try it on their own machine.


  6. Speaking of Commodore 64. On that platform id did my first programs (it was in basic). But i thought it was really cool to be able to make stuff happen.
    But i was never able to save dem on the cassette, so each time i had to write a new program. But the experience helped me to start som small progrramming in quick basic in dos, but that was much later when someone told me there existed quickbasic in dos.

    20 GOTO 10



  7. I can’t remember how old I were when dad bought his first computer, (it must have been in the early 90s) and I have no idea of what kind of a computer it was. I only know that it only had DOS, or something. Dad used it for some bank-stuff (paying bills I guess).

    The best thing I knew was to play golf, which was the only game we had, and write down the alphabet and numbers that i saved on a disket, in case of that the whole world would be destroyed and no one could remember the letters and the numbers. Heh.

    After that, some or several years had passed by, we bought a WIN95 that were amazing and sooo fast and cool! I can also remember the computers we had in school, windows too. But exactly that kind we never had at home (dunno anything about them, but they were the ones that came after that DOS-computer but before the WIN95). I remember that I always felt a bit sad of not having one at home, because they had much funnier games than ours 😛


  8. Hi maridhia, welcome to my blog

    Ah, sounds like Windows 3.1 or 3.11
    Does this look familiar


  9. Thank you 🙂

    Yeah, that’s the one in school!


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