C++ OpenGL programming..

Hello world.
I am sitting here at home doing schoolwork. I’m taking a cource called “Software design (C++)” and we have a larger programming assignment for the end-term period. We coudl choose from a set of predefined assignments. They sounded boring (you can have a look for youself), so i chose the last one where we could define our own project using some framework.

So i decided to make a game for one-year-olds. Sometimes when I am using the computer Emma comes and wants to “punch” the keyboard [You can’t believe how many keyboard shortcuts I have learned that way, last time she managed to flip the screen upsidedown (it was on a pc with win xp) and I had to spend several minutes trying to flip it back wile tilting my head upsidedown].

3d cubes 3

Well I thougt, why not make a program that she can use, and is “fun” and i wont be worried that she accidentally types someting like “sudo rm -rf /”. It would learn a child to use “friendly” keys, like the letters, space and enter, and would override all system commands like shutdown etc. So when you press friendly keys “fun” stuff happen. I am working now on bouncing 3D cubes with pictures on them, they would emerge if some nice key is pressed.

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  1. Hmm, tried it on another mac, It seems that when it is compiled with Qt 4 (meant for KDE) it did not run on a mac that does not have that environment.


  2. Ok, I have to reconfiguer and recompile Qt (the GUI environment) in order to produce binary distributions that are statically linked [this one is dynamically linked and requires the Qt libraries] that can be run without the Qt library installed.

    However, since it took lots of hours to compile it the first time, I will compile it overnight, so you have to wait a while for a new demo.

    But the good nwes is that by then, there will probably be a “newer” releas of the app because our deadline is on monday 23 pm.

    Good night and good luck.


  3. Now it is handed in to the assistant of the cource. It has been an intrerresting assignment. This course is the first encounter with C++ i have had. I like it a lot better than C. I especially liked to use Qt, it seemed logical. I like to make stuff that you see a visual result of changes. That is why i chose this approach.

    I will try to make a static compile containing the library so that you can test it on a mac.


  4. Hi. I made a new compile of Qt, that according to the document should enable static compiling of applications.

    I supply a link to a kompiled version (0.04) that you can try to run on a mac and see if it works if you does nopt have Qt 4.2.1 installed.



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