The empty guitar case

guitar case empty
This is a guitar case.
It is empty.

A lot of people feel that something is missing in their life. Like there was an emptiness in their life, that something relevant was missing. This is the reason why so many people seek satisfaction in different forms like money, power, gratification, sexual satisfaction etc.

God created man to be in relationship with Him. Because of the fall of man, this relationship was broken and it left a void, an emptiness in the heart of man. This void can only be filled by God.

If we look at the empty guitar case, it resembles the state of man. There is no guitar in it. The relationship with God is broken because of sin (sin, not sins … sin is the disease, sins are the symptoms). No matter what we try to fill the guitar case with, even if they seem good, they can never replace, or fit as well as the guitar. The guitar case was designed for the guitar. We are meant to have a living relationship with God. Only he can fill the emptyness inside of us.

Case filled with rubbish
But if we have filled the case wit lot’s of rubbish (all kinds of stuff), it will be hard to get a guitar to fit there, even if it was the one that it was customly designed for. We have to take away the rubbish in order to place the guitar there.

Jesus died on the cross to re-establish our relationship with God. He took our sin, he took our rubbish. Sin and death held us hostage. Jesus paid our ransom. It cost Him his life.

If we have lots of stuff in our life that are “our gods”, it will be harder for us to embrace Jesus.

But if we embrace Jesus, He cleanses us from or sin and He puts us in the right relationship as children with God and He gives us his Holy Spirit.
Guitar case filled

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hej Toffe.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, and thanks for the link.

    Bra bloggpost det här, jag gillar bilden med gitarren som vårt liv och vad vi fyller det med. Simpelt och effektivt, och kanske framför allt förståeligt!


  2. Thank you, Nice to hear. I liked your blog as well.


  3. Tu e no bra tu Toffe!:) He så sant som e sagt!


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