The counsellor that is always there

If you look carefully you see that this is posted under “nerd stuff” so the counsellor is not who you think it is. But i must add that the one you think i’m talking about IS always there for you.

I am talking about my Eliza program.
We had a howework assignment in the Artificial Intelligence course to implement our own Eliza.
Eliza was a program in the sixties that simulated a therapist who you could talk to by writing text, and the program talked back.
Some people actually belived that there were a real person “on the other side” talking to them.
But it was only a verys simple program that followed certain rules.

Anyway, here is a link to my own implementation of eliza

If you get a really funny conversation with it you can copy paste the dialogue and add it as a comment to this post. (No obscurities though)

(i can add that this eliza tries to take the client through the learning circle)

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  1. […] Hi. I’m taking an Artificial Intelligence course this fall. It was in that cource we made the eliza homework among others. […]


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