Mother-child group

On tuesdays Eva (my whife) and Emma (my 1 year old daughter) usually goes to a mother-child group at a church here in Helsinki. Today I went there with Emma instead because Eva had school.

I was the only father there. Eva says that often there are some fathers, but this time I was the only one. But there was one i knew, one of Evas friends so I was not entirely “alone” there. Emma knew the others so she was ok. And i am not people shy so i managed to melt in.

It was fun. We sat in a ring with the mothers and children and sang childrens songs. There were lots of toys in the middle for the children to play with. Basically, the parents sat and sang, while their children did what they did, some played somewhere while others sat in their parents lap.

If I had any John Wayne image in me I had to let it go. Because you can’t be sitting in a ring singing childrens songs all John Wayney. And it was good. I encourage all fathers to go to such a gathering with your child.

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  1. Don’t know if I could bring myself to do it.


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